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  • 30 July 2014 | is an online newsletter and advertising site with vision to help eradicate poverty via provision of relevant information to ethnic communities in Ireland and through organizing poverty-eradication-related events to create awareness of issues in the community and to connect people to people and community.

The project is aimed to promote integration, social inclusion, tourism and development education. eDundalk (for the rest of this article I choose to call the project eDundalk) also supports the work of NGOs in Ireland and world wide and helps to promote volunteering opportunities within ethnic communities.

This passion/technology driven project was casually initiated in September 2012 and subsequently the website in October 2013 followed by the launch on 14 February 2014. From October 2013 to date, there has been a whooping 31,000+ visitors to the website. eDundalk is currently one of the 28 participants on School for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Incubator Programme 2014. (Do not miss the story behind eDundalk in my next blog).

Hey! Wondering how that happened, right? The connection? I wondered too! eDundalk on its own is a ‘crazy’ idea with so much passion and dedication for it. It is crazy in the sense that it is different from the norm in the community. It is highly innovative with social media drive. Initially most people did not understand the direction of the project but I was the one pregnant with the ideas and so was convinced because I could see the picture others were not seeing. I knew that there would come a time my vision would become clearer even to me. Ironically, the ‘craziness’ of my ideas became a scoring point for the project. eDundalk also has great potentials to help solve societal problems and the ability to sustain itself in the future. To my greatest surprise, those were part of my wining tickets! The interview stood out for me. Prior to the interview day, I wondered how and what to prepare for the interview but could not lay my hands on anything instead more ideas on how to develop my project was all I could think of. Today eDundalk is confidently participating with other 27 fantastic projects on the SSe Ireland Incubator programme since 4 April.

 SSe Ireland is not a traditional school. They run action-based, practical learning programmes for entrepreneurial individuals who have an idea or start-up venture with a social or environmental benefit. At SSE Ireland, “we believe that social entrepreneurs “learn by doing”, gaining a range of practical business and personal skills to apply in their ventures and in life.”

Lynda Stopford is the Founder and Director of SSe Ireland.

eDundalk, connecting people to opportunities, impacting life.


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