In the world today, individuals, businesses, communities and countries alike seek relevance. Hundreds of researches have also been embarked on in the corporate world for organizations to attain relevance and remain relevant to avoid becoming obsolete! The reason isn’t far-fetched! No individual wants to live through life without making an impact, or be labelled as “irrelevant”, inconsequential”, “insignificant” or “unimportant”; as a matter of fact, it will be a tragedy because from the beginning God did not intend for anyone of us to be that. That was why He “wired” us for relevance! Being relevant is not about style, status, personality, or popularity. To be relevant means you are someone to be reckoned with; someone of considerable importance, significance or influence. In this book the author pulls out ten foundational blocks a chapter of the psalms that holds true across all spheres of life.

Every product displayed or sold here is produced by people I know and work with in support of their entrepreneurship. edundalk is a social enterprise primarily initiated to promote employment and entrepreneurship of people who ordinarily the main stream will neglect.

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Yemi Adenuga has become the first Black woman councilor in Ireland. Yemi was elected on 25 May 2019 in Navan, County Meath

I am a parent to 5 children including 2 Special Needs Children and your new, strong, local voice that will work hard for policies that galvanises our diverse residents into Building Balbriggan (more…)

Why people must vote JK Onwumereh #1:

I am delighted to stand as a Fianna Fáil cand (more…)

SIPTU Migrant and International Workers Support Network

Migrant and International workers Support Network, an arm of SIPTU at their two days crucial meeting in Limerick on the 5th and 6th April where they discussed amongst other things the effects of Brexit on their members. Yvoune Mefor from Dundalk represented Louth chapter of the network.

A social care lecturer at the Dundalk institute of Technology Dr Colletta Dalikeni launches her Social Inclusion and Diversity Course which she has designed on Monday 8 April at the school campus in Dundalk. Colletta is calling on anyone interested in issues of migration, diversity and social inclusion to attend this event. See the image attached with full details


eDundalk hosts its annual international networking dinner on Saturday 16 February 2019

On Saturday 16 February at Crown Plaza, Dundalk, eDundalk (Finalist at 2015 Louth Business Awards) will host its 6th annual international networking dinner event in a very spectacular way with the Theme - Creating opportunities. Having in the last six years succeeded in creating awareness of inequality gap in employment sector from professional migrant perspectives, we have decided this year to step up and help create much needed opportunities through our social enterprise

eDundalk was initiated in 2012 and launched in 2014 with vision to see Ireland where those socially excluded or marginalised i.e African migrants are represented in leadership positions across all sectors. This was driven by the fact that the said group have much of what it takes to make Ireland greater if given the opportunity. In doing this, we promote social inclusion, employment, entrepreneurship, diversity at workplace, peace and integration.

According to 2018 ESRI report on Employment, "4 per cent of Western European nationals (excluding the UK), were unemployed in 2017, compared to 7 per cent of Irish nationals and 16 per cent of African nationals. Employment rates were slightly higher for non-Irish nationals (70 per cent) than Irish nationals (66 per cent). However employment rates varied across national groups and the employment rate was very low for African nationals (circa 45 per cent)."

At this year's event therefore, we are taking the bull by the horn! We are building bridges. We have some local, national and international businesses and organisations who have confirmed to partner with us on the night to give participants opportunity to create employment, help eradicate poverty and build network.

In 2018, eDundalk founder - Amaka M Okonkwo became an author as she co-authored and was involved in a book project with other 51 migrant women living in Ireland. This book, INSPIRED MIGRANT WOMEN LIVING IN IRELAND  - is going to be launched at this event and we encourage you to visit our online shop at  - , buy this book and read inspirational stories of these amazing women. Our online shop is bridging the gap and serves as a 'market' for those marginalized groups including the elderly and young people in Ireland who are creative to showcase and sell their products/services. We have recorded a whooping 4 million visitors on our website in 4 years!

Our newly improved website with fast, efficient and secured online shopping facility will be launched on the night too. The website development was supported by LEO, Louth.


We are looking forward to doing business with you and if you are a manufacturer, we want to be your Agent so do contact us.





eDundalk: connecting people & communities to opportunities, impacting life!


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