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As a child, I grew up in a very strict but flexible Christian home. My parents served voluntarily all their lives in the church even in their old age. My mother was a church
cleaner and a Charity epitome until she died at the age of 85. My father was a warden/usher. As practising Christians, they thought me to try to live at peace with all irrespective of who they are. All my siblings were very active in the church too. I still remember how we used to celebrate Christmas going about doing good in the community and sporting my Christmas dress. Then I understood Christianity as a Religion. As I grew older and as I follow the faith and the genuine foundation laid by my parents the picture became clearer to me as to what really Christmas is all about? I began to understand what Christianity is the more. I discovered that there is a strong connection between Christianity and Christmas. The two are intertwinned. Without much ado, let me share with us here 3 genuine reasons why I think you should actually celebrate Christmas.

Christianity is not a Religion
To most people, this is unspeakable but it is a fact and the Truth! Christianity is about Relationship and not about law, tradition or custom. Grab your Bible and search John Chapter 3 verse 16. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only son Jesus Christ………….” You have got to love someone unconditionally to give him all that you have. There must have been a great deep relationship between you and someone to sacrifice all that you have in order to save or keep that person/relationship. Your relationship with God reflects on your relationship with human being. Christianity is relational and it is in two dimensions- Vertical with God and Horizontal with human being.
Christmas is a celebration without strings attached
It is amazing that most of us reading this article have outlived Jesus (33) on earth but his legacy stays on! He is celebrated amongst the atheist, religious groups, communities and societies, Commercials, entrepreneurs and even amongst the little children etc. Do you stop and ask why? I had! I reflect a lot during Christmas period about this guy called Jesus and the legacy he has left behind. It comes clear, he must have been a good man who obeyed God,  non-religious, non-judgemental, non-cultic, humble, peaceful, no fraternity, friend to all, non-noisy, non discriminatory, not a racist, never a business man yet even the most serious business man plan and strategizes his business around Christmas period. Yes, some people think  Christmas is becoming too commercialized but it can only be as a result of the f legacy. If he had been involved in anything bad, there wouldn't be any reason for this season.  It can only be a peaceful person who respects human rights and places value on people’s life and success that can be celebrated as the world does for this man today - 25th December. I think I can identify with him. Think about it!

It’s just a birthday and so what?
Take a look at how people like to be celebrated on their special days. Here is a man who never in the first place wanted to be celebrated but his deeds and circumstances to his birth are too extraordinary to be ignored. He was absolutely the man of the people who would prefer a lifetime relationship with you than to condemn or kill you because you have erred. It became absolutely impossible for such a person to be forgotten. We immortalize his name because he is a Saviour of mankind! He was born in an extra ordinary way. He died and rose again! He had extra ordinary relationship with the Father (vertical) and mankind (horizontal). December 25th was set aside to mark his birthday just in remembrance of his legacy. He is indeed my Saviour! Yes, I call him saviour because for someone who cares not about himself but me, someone who is ever willing to take up my case on my behalf, someone who advises me not to ever take revenge but to know that every vengeance is his. Someone who tells me never to fight for him that the battle is his, someone who makes me happy even in the midst of chaos, and someone who has made me so immune not to be afflicted by any disease and if per adventure I did, he heals me. He makes me to be at peace with all and sundry. He directs every of my footsteps extraordinarily. He can make a way where there is no way. He can even raise the dead! I join the world today to celebrate Christmas.
I think you should celebrate Christmas!



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