#Blacklivesmater:Dundalk Black Youth rally goes viral

Still on #Blacklivesmatter peaceful protest organised by Black youth in Dundalk on June 2 and which was initiated by Funto Joye as he prefers to  be called. Funto refuses to take any credit but says every black kid in Dundalk worked together to pull that through. Funto portrays a very outstanding quality of a good leader and community oriented person. As an observer, I have deep respect for these Black youth in Dundalk. How possible is it for a people to come up with an idea, plan and execute in less than 24 hours and the whole town was filled up with a great essence of life, love and strength in unity. The massive and diverse crowd cut across different backgrounds.

There has been multiple positive effects of this history breaking news protest in Dundalk. A single Tweet (on Dundalk protest) from @kiitanamoa, a young lad from Dundalk and one of the speakers at the protest has hit over one million Likes on Twitter. Incredible! Media houses have been taken turns in interviewing these these lads Kiitan Amao, Seun Hill and Moyo Badun (two black and white) and Funto Joye. One UK based TV station has also interviewed. Watch out for the broadcast.

It is interesting to know that Kiitan, Sean and Moyo were childhood friends and are still together so, "this shit is too real, you can't make it up"  according to @kiitanamao on Twitter. Follow him on Twitter for more exciting tweets.

There is absolutely pride and sense of belonging when young people stand up and speak for themselves. Their voice is heard clearer and louder.

One thing is so prominent about Dundalk Black Youth. They're closely knitted. You would think they were born by same parents. They are making impact.

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