Dundalk Black Youth host a peaceful protest

Tuesday 2nd June has gone down  in the history as the first Black Youth protest in Dundalk Ireland. The young people mobilised themselves and made their voice heard loud and clear that Black Lives matter! The turnout was highly massive with visible Garda (police) presence. The speakers were very eloquent and passionate about what they believed in and all reiterated the need for zero tolerance for racism in Dundalk and Ireland in general.

The protest was triggered by the killing of George Floyds (46) in the USA on 25 May by American police officer who knelt on George's neck until he died. The American president, Trump lacked the leadership skill too to condemn the injustice, hence massive protests across the globe including Dublin.

Amongst speakers at the Dundalk protest was eDundalk founder- Amaka Okonkwo who praised the young people for showing such maturity and excellent leadership skills where Trump failed. She said, "your ability to organise such peaceful protest clearly demonstrates you are responsible and accountable. It also shows you promote peace and unity. There is hope" , Amaka said. Amaka encouraged the youth to ensure the protest ended peacefully.

Funto, who initially came up with the idea of the protest, has this to say when he was asked what inspired him and who the organizers were. "Em after seeing the Dublin protest on Monday and how much impact it had on everyone. I decided that we need to make our own voice be heard in Dundalk because this is our town and our community and we need to be together in unity. So around 3/4pm I just decided to have a protest with the mentality that no one can stop me and I wanted it to be the following day because I knew that would be the perfect timing and the weather was also good. So I put it all into the group chat I was in and everyone was excited and up for it. So I got one of my friends (Sean) to make the poster and immediately the poster was made, the whole BLACK community in Dundalk shared it all around social media. Even the white people. It was amazing to see. The impact my group of boys and group of girls like Princess has in Dundalk is just amazing, aunty.  And every single black person in Dundalk organised it and made it happen. It was a group effort".

I found that statement from Funto very powerful and inspiring. It's a winning mindset.

The turnout was highly impressive and diverse with so much energy.

eDundalk founder was specially invited by the young people to this rally to address the young protesters.


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