Gina Akpe Moses talks to eDundalk like never before! Featured

One week after Gina won Gold for Ireland, eDundalk got her to speak from the heart as never before.
Nigerian-born Irish Gold medalist Gina Akpe Moses who represented Ireland and won Gold medal at the just concluded Grosseto 2017 on 21 July has instantly become a house hold name! Yes, she is famous because she believed in herself. The founder of eDundalk got to chat with Gina today, one week after her extraordinary performance and the following are the excerpts from the interview.
eDundalk: Tell me about your self.
Gina:” I am 18 years, Live in Birmingham with my parents and siblings. I lived in Ireland – (Athlone and Dundalk for about 12 years out which was 8 years in Dundalk before we moved to Birmingham about three years ago.”
eDundalk: When did you discover you can run?
Gina: “I have been running for about 10 years.”
eDundalk: How did you start running? What motivated you to run?
Gina:” My elder sister used to run and I copied her.”
eDundalk: You won a record breaking Gold medal for Ireland on 21 July in Grosseto in 100 meters European Athletics U20 championship, did you think you were going to win? And how do you feel just a week after that victorious moment?
Gina:” I did not know I was going to win. I went in there to do my best without any pressure but when I got through to the semi-finals, I knew it was possible! So, again, I gave it my best. It was quite phenomenal. I just can’t describe the feeling in one word but I am so happy together with my entire family. It was like a dream. It took me days to realise it was real.”
eDundalk: Why did you chose to run for Ireland?
Gina: “Because I ‘m Irish and I ran under my club – Blackrock Athletic Club Dundalk”
eDundalk: What is your aspiration? 
Gina: "To become the best sprinter in life. To make a name for myself. I also aspire to become a psychiatrist.”
eDundalk: Who is your role model?
Gina: “Usain Bolt”
eDundalk: What is your advice to the youth and your friends?
Gina: “Believe in yourself and never give up!”
What a fascinating moment with Gina. Gina’s extraordinary performance at the Grosseto championship is an excellent testament to what people (from migrant backgrounds) can do when they are given the opportunity in Ireland. Since 2013 following the launch of eDundalk in 2014, the online portal has been on the forefront and focused in raising awareness on challenges faced by people from African descent in Ireland in pursuing their dream careers. On the other hand, eDundalk also highlights the activities and socio-political/economic contributions this target group makes towards Ireland’s development and economic growth.
eDundalk team and followers celebrate Gina today and always. It is our wish to see Dundalk, Louth and Ireland celebrate Gina and open more doors for more ‘Ginas to emerge differently!
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