JK Onwumereh for Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart Local election

Why people must vote JK Onwumereh #1:

I am delighted to stand as a Fianna Fáil cand

idate in the 2019 local elections in the Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart Local Electoral Area. I have been living in Dublin 15 for the past 17 years with my family. I believe the area has a potential to become a beautiful multicultural home to residents. As a resident, I am familiar with the issues and needs of the area.

I am a professional youth officer and have been since 2006. This role offers me an opportunity to engage with parents, young people and agencies with responsibility for community cohesion and development. I hold a primary degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in Management, Community and Voluntary Services from Dublin City University.

I am passionate about strong, active community representation and I am working closely with local TD Jack Chambers to ensure that the views and concerns of residents are represented to help improve the quality of life of residents.

Some of my priorities:

* Housing & Homelessness: I want to tackle the chronic housing and homelessness problem by promoting the construction of more social and affordable houses, supporting targeted schemes and increasing access to finance for first time buyers.

*Unemployment: I want to address unemployment by developing more practical strategies that offer job satisfaction and sustainability while also promoting the growth of small and medium scale enterprise initiatives among residents.

*Crime, Policing & Anti-Social Behaviour: I will work closely with Gardaí to ensure crime and security issues are responded to in a timely and effective manner.

*Traffic and Congestion: I will also address the chaotic traffic control system at Mulhuddart Village junction and work to resolve car parking and roadside congestion problems during school pick up/collection times.

*Health & Recreation: I will work to improve recreational facilities in public parks and ensure greater community benefits and engagement with the National Sports Campus to promote healthy lifestyles.

*Youth & Senior Citizen Engagement: I will involve youth organisations in a comprehensive community intervention strategy and work with resident associations, active retirement groups and community centres to improve facilities for senior citizens.

*Property Tax: Households should see value for the money they are paying out annually in property tax with the money being reinvested locally to improve public services.

October 2021, Kelechi was coopted as a councilor. Here is what he said,

"I give thanks to God for the opportunity to represent the Blanchardstown-Mulhuddart Local Electoral Area in Dublin West as councillor. I am grateful to the members of the Fianna Fàil party in the area who nominated me unanimously for co-option as councillor.


I would like to pay tribute to my predecessor, the late Cllr. Freedie Cooper, whose sad passing occurred in June this year.


I am overwhelmed by the warm welcome by Mayor Seána Ó Rodaigh, Jack Chambers TD, Paul McAuliffe TD and the distinguished Councillors of the Fingal County Council. The outpouring from friends, family and the general public is really humbling. Thank you."




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