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As part of his contribution to children during this lockdown period as a result of coronavirus pandemic, a Nigerian born- UK citizen mathematician, Arinze Oranye has created a section at . www.iconicconcepts.co.uk (an academic website created by Arinze) called LOCKDOWN RESOURCES for kids to practice their math(s) skills. The resources is currently for 5 - 7 years old to help keep them busy and mentally alert during this difficult ti

"It is a workbook and requires pen and paper. In the future, I'll program it to accept answers. Very soon, I will upload the 8 - 10 years workbook, and if we are still at home, shortly, the secondary school version will follow, " said Arinze.

Arinze is an icon that wears so many hats. He also organizes mathematics competition awards in the UK for both secondary and primary school children to encourage them to excel in their mathematics skills. Arinze sponsors some underprivileged children in Onitsha Anambra State of Nigeria (through his Education Fund Project) to secondary school education level.

An award- winning mathematics 'wizard' , Arinze is well known for his community development interests and contributions. He is a socialite with a large heart for his community and people.

Visit Arinze's website at www.iconicconcepts.co.uk for more on his work and other available resources.

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