Meet the First Black African Irish Commissioner

This is Salomé Mbugua, the Commissioner!
AkiDwa- Salome Mbugua became the first Black African Irish woman to be appointed to Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission by President Michael Higgins This is a milestone! It brings hope to a lot migrants living in Ireland. It is very significant to our work at edundalk. It means that our vision at edundalk after six years of continuous awareness is after all beginning to come to fruition. Our vision is to see Ireland where (migrants)- African Diasporas are represented in leadership positions across all sectors. This target group has so much to offer to Irish society and the world at large. Salome has worked tirelessly for the empowerment,  advancement and sustainable development of women and communities. Thank you Mr President. We are looking forward to more of such news.
 Click here for more details on the appointment.
We are the conveners of annual eDundalk International Networking Dinner where Salome spoke at the launch in 2014. Watch out for 2019 edition information details.
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