Migrants' impact: Uruemu Adejinmi, the newly co-opted female councillor in Longford, speaks to eDundalk

Monday, 2nd March in Longford was a historic event to mark the swearing in ceremony of Uruemu Adejinmi, a Nigerian -Irish citizen to Longford city council seat of power as a councillor. Uruemu  joined Irish politics in 2016 under Fianna Fail party. Ever since then she became very active member of the political party and politics in general. Uruemu also became actively in involved  in community work and volunteering.

In 2018, she participated in Immigrant Council of Ireland  project on politics where she shadowed a county councillor. On completion, she continued her active participation and involvement in politics and community development.

In 2019, she contested for councillor position as a card carrying member of Fianna Fail political party  but was unsuccessful. That did not deter her enthusiasm and passion for politics and to serve. Just after the general election in February 2020,  Joe Flaherty's  seat became vacant in the Longford county council as he moved on to the Dial, there was need to fill Joe's vacant seat and so this called for nomination of two candidates, Uruemu Adejinmi and  Michael Connellan who we understand  works for Tusla. Michael was chosen but unfortunately, Michael declined the position as a result of  his employer's related  regulations. Fortunately for Uruemu, she has to be co-opted to fill the position. "This position was not just handed to me, it was well deserved", said Uruemu confidently. "I worked for it",she emphasised smilingly. Uruemu became the second female councillor in Longford county council and the first and female councillor from Black African community in Longford. Uruemu is also the 2nd councillor from migrant backgrounds in Ireland after Yemi Adenuga (another Nigerian-Irish citizen) was elected in 2019 in Navan, Meath county council.

Uruemu dazzles in Longford as the new councillor

When asked what she intends to achieve with her new role as a councillor, Uruemu said, "I want to inspire the next generation to know that everything is possible. I also want to work in the community on entrepreneurship, education, homelessness and policy, that way, I can make more impact".

Uruemu describes her win as an excitement, happiness and accomplishment.



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