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I will go with the dictionary definition of Networking as “the act of
making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups and institutions to develop mutually beneficial relationships".

With that definition in mind, networking forms part of the models we use at eDundalk to reach out to our target group and beyond to share information (physically) for mutual benefits. The model has proved to have huge impact on the participants and community development. It compliments our digital presence. We use our networking meetings to put human face to our online side of the social enterprise.The annual eDundalk networking dinner and celebration event has become our greatest asset in connecting with our target group, the community and the society at large. It is becoming a global village under one roof. The event is held on february. The next edition is on Saturday 11 February 2017. Keep the date with eDundalk!
It is also a social inclusion project to connect people and communities with primary aim to impact life. It showcases African Diaspora owned businesses/organisations that are indeed making real impact in Ireland and abroad. The event also gives deep insight into native Irish employers and businesses/organisations who have huge impact on  African Diaspora and Africans.
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