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  • 11 February 2017 |


Do you know migrant professionals in Ireland don’t get access to mainstream employment because “they are over qualified for the job”? 


Today Saturday 11 February 2017 marks the 4th annual eDundalk international networking dinner. eDundalk is a social enterprise launched in 2014 with vision to see Ireland where migrants are represented at leadership positions across all sectors. Our mission is to promote integration, social inclusion, employability, entrepreneurship and visibility of migrants in Ireland.


"Without gainful employment to migrant professionals in Ireland, all integration and social inclusion programmes may not be viable after all" - Amaka M. Okonkwo- CEO/Founder


Do you know migrant professionals in Ireland don’t get access to mainstream employment because “they are over qualified for the job”? Employment is a huge issue amongst migrant professionals living in Ireland.” eDundalk international networking event in the last four years uses this platform to raise awareness of this issue in a very unique and different way.


The theme for this year’s event is Migrants employment & entrepreneurship: sustainable tools for a 2-way integration process and development.


The 2nd edition of eDundalk International Community Digest featuring some migrant led organisations will be launched at the event today by CEO Westerpark international – Frank Nwaubani.


 Charge D’Affaires at the Nigeria embassy Dublin – Olusola Iginla has this to say, “I like the consistency of edundalk event. It shows the seriousness and commitment of the founder and organisers to the noble objectives of eDundalk”


eDundalk international networking dinner and celebration was initiated to showcase and celebrate socio-economic contributions of migrants and those who economically impact on them. It is an event which has been internationally recognized in Ireland where we hope to encourage, inspire and motivate our target audience to reach their full potential.

In 2014, edundalk was the only social enterprise from African background that participated in the first school for social entrepreneurs incubator Ireland programme.

In 2015, the social enterprise won the prestigious Africa Day Awards in Dublin and Finalist in Louth Business Awards.


We believe that given the opportunity, migrants will help to reconstruct Irish economy.

Our stream of revenue generation is via advertising and event sponsorship and as social enterprise we reinvest money made in to the business.

Our work includes publishing, mentoring, online shop and training.

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