Quick Guide to Critical Thinking: An Essential Resource for Students” out in September Featured

  • 23 August 2017 |

Critical thinking, simply defined as a systematic, structured, logical and clear approach of evaluating information and

evidence, is undoubtedly an essential skill expected from students at all levels of higher education. It is not only needed to succeed in the college but it is even more vital outside the walls of the college and deemed essential by employers. Unfortunately, while students are expected to demonstrate and develop this skill in their work, both written and verbal, very few of them know what it entails and strategies to adopt in order to incorporate it into their work. For instance, a study carried out on more than 2,300 undergraduate students in the United State showed that no statistically significant gains in critical thinking, complex reasoning, and writing skills for at least 45% of the students sampled during their first two years in the college (Source - Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa). This booklet is, therefore, an intervention to guide students as well as professionals in the process of thinking critically and to curb the decline of critical thinking skills. It presents concise, student-centred, easy-to-read and straightforward tips capable of giving anyone a head-start in the critical thinking process. It also provides valuable nuggets that can help anyone further develop this skill.


About the Guide Compiler:

Dr Akinlolu Akande received his PhD degree in Physics from the prestigious University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland. After completing his PhD, he stayed on in Trinity as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow where he combined research with teaching duties for over 3 years. Between 2014 and 2015, he lectured in the Department of Computing, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland. He is currently a member of academic staff at the School of Science, Institute of Technology, Sligo, Ireland, where he is actively involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate education. He holds a BSc (Hons) - Physics, an MSc - Physics, a DICTP - Condensed Matter Physics, a PhD - Physics and a PG Cert. - Computing. He has authored a number of peer-reviewed publications and won a number of world-class fellowships and scholarships. Akinlolu has great passion for training and mentoring youth. He coordinated a Youth Organisation in Dundalk from 2007 to 2015, a platform that allowed him to inspire and motivate young people as well as develop, nurture and foster their abilities. He is also one of the directors of the African Change Initiative (ACI), a registered non-governmental and non-profiting organisation in Ireland comprising of Africans both in Diaspora and in Africa committed to seeing to the realisation of the greatness of the continent of Africa. Akinlolu lives with his wife, Dr. Adebola Akande, and they are blessed with two boys.

The booklet is out in September and as student prepares to go Back to School, this is a must have!


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