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  • 06 July 2018 |

I write to remind us of the vision of eDundalk - "to see Ireland where migrants from African backgrounds are represented at leadership positions across all sectors." Destiniy, they say, cannot be aborted. At the on going European Championship in Hungaray, African parents' children born in Ireland are beginning to rewrite history. We are in era of new world and new Irish/Ireland for good. There are many record breaking news from the championship coming from this target group amongst others representing Ireland in Hungaray.  

When Ireland employers open their doors indiscriminately

to this target group, their economy will boom to reduce inequality, isolation and poverty in the country. Today, majority of the lads ( Israel Olatunde, Patience Jumbo, Jesse Nwabueze, Gina Akpe Moses etc ) in sports who are bringing fame and popularity to Dundalk, come from this target group but take a scan on the companies, businesses including financial institutions in Dundalk town and you will see, practically no one from this target group except at Leaveys pharmacy who employed an African/Nigerian Irish woman.

At eDundalk we promote, peace, integration, employability, entrepreneurship, community development and social inclusion.

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eDundalk 6th annual networking dinner with a difference is on Saturday 16 February 2019. Save the date!

eDundalk was initiated in September 2012 to create awareness on challenges and success of African migrants/diaspora living in Ireland with special interest in Dundalk/Louth.

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