Save the date! 6th annual eDundalk international networking dinner is on Saturday 16 February 2019
at Crown Plaza Dundalk. Full details to follow. At eDundalk, we promote employability, skills, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, integration and diversity.

6th Annual eDundalk International Networking Dinner

Louth TD, Declan Breathnach addressing the participants at eDundalk 6th annual international networking dinner.

It was the 6th edition and the climax of edundalk international networking dinner initiated in 2014 to support and create opportunities for diverse participants to lreach their potentials. It is a unique platform used to create awarness of unemployment status of most non-Irish born nationalities (mainly from Black African communities) who struggle on daily basis to find a suitable job relevant to their area of study. The vision of eDundalk is to see where such group are given opportunities at managment levels in different sectors in Ireland. Following the huge success of the 6th edition of this event on 16 February 2019 and the impact which we need to build on, as a project, we have come to the end of the networking dinner. We are now building on the impact of the past events. We currently run highly confidential and private clinics for our clients. We still mentor women in different parts of the world to start up their business.

Thank you for being part of eDundalk internatioanl networking dinner and thank you to all our clients.



Starts On:
February 16, 2019
7:00 PM
Ends On:
February 16, 2019
11:00 PM

Do you know any international student who came in to Ireland between 2005-2010 and who are undocumented? Hurry and help spread the news!! There is a
short window between now and Jan 20th for undocumented people who came as international students between 2005-2010 to apply and regularise their status here in Ireland.
Click on the link below for details from Migrant Right Centre Ireland

Student scheme 2018

Prepare to join us at the 6th annual eDundalk international networking dinner on Saturday 16 February 2019. Details coming soon!!
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520 New jobs are being created by Ernst and Young in their 5 office locations in Ireland!

to this target group, their economy will boom to reduce inequality, isolation and poverty in the country. Today, majority of the lads ( Israel Olatunde, Patience Jumbo, Jesse Nwabueze, Gina Akpe Moses etc ) in sports who are bringing fame and popularity to Dundalk, come from this target group but take a scan on the companies, businesses including financial institutions in Dundalk town and you will see, practically no one from this target group except at Leaveys pharmacy who employed an African/Nigerian Irish woman.
At eDundalk we promote, peace, integration, employability, entrepreneurship, community development and social inclusion.
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eDundalk 6th annual networking dinner with a difference is on Saturday 16 February 2019. Save the date!
eDundalk was initiated in September 2012 to create awareness on challenges and success of African migrants/diaspora living in Ireland with special interest in Dundalk/Louth.

This is Salomé Mbugua, the Commissioner!
AkiDwa- Salome Mbugua became the first Black African Irish woman to be appointed to Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission by President Michael Higgins This is a milestone! It brings hope to a lot migrants living in Ireland. It is very significant to our work at edundalk. It means that our vision at edundalk after six years of continuous awareness is after all beginning to come to fruition. Our vision is to see Ireland where (migrants)- African Diasporas are represented in leadership positions across all sectors. This target group has so much to offer to Irish society and the world at large. Salome has worked tirelessly for the empowerment,  advancement and sustainable development of women and communities. Thank you Mr President. We are looking forward to more of such news.
 Click here for more details on the appointment.
We are the conveners of annual eDundalk International Networking Dinner where Salome spoke at the launch in 2014. Watch out for 2019 edition information details.
At edundalk, we are passionate about employment, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, integration and black women advancement in leadership.
Our services include:
Advertising, business mentoring, training, online trading, blogging, public speaking and more!
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A new cleaning company owned by two women has been opened in Dundalk and are looking for clients to give their excellent sparkling services! Get in touch for Opening Deals.

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eDundalk will be represented at the Finland biggest festival in May.

Sixteen years in Ireland and in those years I have visited Nigerian embassy in Dublin several times to access their services, I have
been following with keen interest the relationship and business of the embassy with Nigerian community in Ireland. I have also witnessed changes in the diplomatic/political roles and management of the embassy. Recently Charge D’Affaires - Mr Iginla was directed to return to Nigeria on promotion by the current Buhari administration. I see the embassy as my second home in Ireland (and I think majority of Nigerians in Diaspora feel same) or first point of call if am in danger in Ireland and needs protection as a Nigerian. Passport Application/Renewal and visa documentations are also assessed at the embassy. With close observation and interest, the last two years were close to my expectations as to the role of the embassy to Nigerians in diaspora. It is in those years, I think we began to see some changes at the embassy or should I say, a better relationship between the Charge De’affaires and the Nigerians in Ireland. Perhaps that may be my opinion, so I went on the streets of Ireland to ask Nigerians what they think of Mr Olusola Iginla. Before I take you to what Nigerians in Ireland said, let me also give you a bit of background info on who Mr iginla is.
Mr Iginla is a Diplomat by profession who joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in April, 1984 as a Graduate Officer and rose to the rank of Director (Special Grade) in January, 2010. He was posted to Dublin Embassy in the Republic of Ireland in July, 2014 as the Deputy Head of Mission. However,” I became Charge D''Affaires of the Embassy of Nigeria in Ireland in September, 2015 when the former Ambassador, Dr. Bolere Ketebu was recalled to Nigeria.” As a diplomat, Olusola has served in North Korea, Sweden, Egypt, and Brazil before he came to Ireland, Mr Iginla has helped to bring about a lot of positive changes at the embassy and was determined to make services at the embassy easily accessible. He assumed office as the Charge D’affaires with “a big dream to transform the embassy.” A significant impact was made but not without challenging issues often termed as ‘Nigerian factor.’ He managed to make the embassy more organised, open and transparent. Services became easily accessible to some extent. I think Mr Iginla’s interpersonal and communication skills endeared him to many. H was accessible, professional and down to earth. At the end of September 2017, he was recalled to Nigeria to a new but higher position as Under Secretary in charge of Economic, Legal and Consulate Matters. Mr Iginla has since resumed at his new office in Abuja on 1 October. Congratulations, sir.
In my opinion, Mr Iginla has left a big shoe for his successors to wear but before I conclude, Let me take you through to what other Nigerians across Ireland say about the former Charge D'Affaires. According to Dotun Adegbesan , president, the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Europe (NIDOE) Ireland’s chapter, “Mr Iginla is a very approachable diplomat.”
Ada Christine Eloji, Mr Iginla was very accommodating and an advocate for integration having witnessed him on different occasions attending events organised by various groups and individuals. I must commend his love for unity.”
Dr Theo Ejorh, “I think Mr Iginla is a warm and convivial person, and mixes well with people.”
Dr Kunle Animashaun, Mr Olusola Iginla’s tenure as the Charge D’Affaires of the Nigerian embassy in Ireland was marked by high standards and a commitment to the well being, cooperation and integration of Nigerians between themselves and also within the Irish society.”
However, Chinedu Onyejelem has a contrary opinion and he said, “Mr Iginla was a pathetic Nigerian diplomat in Ireland. He made many miserable decisions that affected the progress of many Nigerians here.”
According to Pamela Kpaduwa, “Mr Iginla brought a noticeable change to the embassy. Having been to Nigerian embassy for passports/visa services in the past, I can comfortably say that his tenure brought a huge improvement to the process of procuring passport/visa Tension and shouting was replaced with professionalism. That’s a good job on his part.”
Finally, Emeka Ikebuasi said, “Mr Olusola Iginla demystified foreign service and elevated citizen diplomacy to a new height.” From my research, about 99% of the people I interviewed who apparently are located at different areas of Ireland have positive remarks to make about Mr Iginla. They also did not know who else I interviewed except by reading it here.
A new ambassador has been appointed to the embassy in the person of Dr Uzoma Emenike who was working in London as Management Consultant before her appointment. I heartily welcome Her Excellency Dr Uzoma. Nigerians in Ireland are full of expectations from you.

Amaka O

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On Saturday 22 July 2017 Harry walked Ada Ella on the isle with a beautiful and colourful wedding celebrations in far away
Marseille France. The wedding witnessed a happy guests from across Europe. The newly wed are Irish citizens who recently relocated to the UK.
A big congratulations from the edundalk team!
 At eDundalk, we advertise, train, mentor, network and promote skill acquisition/craft. We provide news and highlight on organisations/businesses/politicians who are really making impact on the people and community.
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Prepare to join us at eDundalk International Networking Dinner on Saturday, 10 February 2018 where we connect to inspire!

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