Symbol of Racism:Sharon Olatunbosun (16) speaks with her Art #Blacklivesmatter

At just 16, Sharon has not ceased to amaze everone including her family and peers with her deep thoughts and expression in Art. She started drawing as a kid and won so many prizes for her art expression as a young kid. Since 2018, Sharon has shown so much interest and has advanced in her Art work. She began to also pay interest on social issues like racism and she began to express that interest on some of her work.

Just hearing and seeing how George Floyd's was killed in America on 25 May 2020, Sharon became more aware of the evils of racism. She wants to say more with her Art.

On 2nd June, the Black youth in Dundalk held a peaceful rally in the town square to make their voice heard on racism and #Blacklivesmatter. Sharon did not attend physically but was inspired to see her peers speaking up so she got glued in her world of art speaking with her painting tools.

On this her recent work, Sharon has the names of all those killed in America as a result of racism and she calls it Symbol of Racism.

Sharon wants to study Art in the university and some of her work can be purchased at for those who want to encourage and inspire this young talented woman. We will soon have some of her works on display at eDundalk online shop.

eDundalk is a social entrepreneur and community based platform that promotes entrepreneurship, employment, development and growth of Black African people in diaspora. We work with young people to help bring out the best in them. We are driven by passion and not profit or fame. Our vision remains - to see Ireland where Black African people are represented in leadership positions across all sectors.

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