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Tuesday, November 08 2022

I, worked in a toxic environment in the past and needed no soothsayer to tell me it was detrimental to my mental health and general well-being. It is an infertile ground for growth and personal development. It is counterproductive both to the organisation and their clients.Understanding my capabilities and mindful of my mental health, I made a decision to leave the job. In reality, I did not leave the job because of the organisation but because of the toxic environment.

On a particular day long after I had left the job, I was up in the city of Dublin shopping and someone spotted me in the crowd shouting, Ameeka, Ameeka, Ameeka and as I turned it was one of the clients, I worked closely with on that job I left. We both ran towards each other. The client held me so tight and said to me, “I learnt you left XYZ?”  And I said, “yes I did.” She tried to probe into why I left but I did not go that route. I said it was time for me to move on. While she was still holding me, she said to me, I miss you and, I love you, Ameeka.” I struggled to contain my emotion. I responded back and echoed to her, I love you too, you really look great. I am so delighted to see you.”  We parted.

As we turned our back, I felt this sharp emotional pain, mixed feelings and sense of accomplishment. The sharp emotional pain was based on the fact that such a good working relationship with a vulnerable person was jeopardised as a result of bad leadership. It was mixed feeling because I had to leave the job where I felt disempowered to support such clients any longer. I felt sorry for such clients because they are the ones who feel the loss more. Mixed feelings again because, I felt happy to see the spark on the clients face when she uttered those powerful words, “I love you,” that meant the world to me.

Lastly, I felt accomplished because that moment affirmed who I am and the connection mycareer has with my identity. I apply strengths-based and needs-led approaches to facilitate people presenting problems, that way, building relationships becomes naturally mandatory!


Our aim is to promote employability, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, diversity, development education, integration and tourism. We aim to create awareness of the untapped strength, capabilities, skills, talents and gifts the Black Africans have that are missing in Irish economic development.


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